Kasauli Windsor Resorts

Sight Seeing

Monkey Point , Kasauli

Monkey Point is located approximately 4 kilometers from the town center in the "The Air Force Station" neighborhood close to the Lower Mall area. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman touched the hill with one of His feet while He was making his way back from the Himalayas with the "Sanjivany Booty." Consequently, the hill's summit is shaped like a foot. Monkey Point offers a breathtaking view of Chandigarh on a starry, clear night. Within the station's boundaries lies the Air Force School, which is overseen and operated by station personnel. Cell phones and cameras must be turned in at the station gate; they are not allowed inside the station.There are also network banners utilized.

Kasauli Brewery

The Kasauli Brewery, established in Kasauli by Edward Dyer in the late 1820s, is the oldest "scotch whisky" distillery in Asia. Early in the 19th century, Edward himself brought brewing and distilling apparatus from England and Scotland. These tools arrived by sailing ship, were placed into ox-drawn carts, and were transported via Shimla to the Himalayas. In actuality, part of the early copper pot stills' apparatus is still in use today.


One of the earliest cantonment towns in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh's Solan district is Dagshai. Situated approximately 11 km from Solan, it is perched on a 5689 feet (1734 mtr) tall mound that resembles a sphinx astride the Kalka-Shimla Highway.A well-known local mythology claims that the name Dagshai originated from Daag-e-Shahi. When criminals received a Daag-e-Shahi (royal mark) on their foreheads during the Moghul era, they were sent to the Dagshai settlement.

Jatoli Temple , Solan

Shiva's Temple at Jatoli has an amazing architectural layout. This temple was constructed in the Indo-Aryan style, with a rounded top tower and a curving outline that ends in a tip. Typically, golden kalash is used to adorn the tip of these temples. A few minor alterations have also been made, incorporating a hint of Dravidian or Southern style into this temple.

Karol ka Tibba , Solan

The "Karol ka Tibba" trek's charm lies in its ability to squeeze this enormous natural treasure into a quick day hike. The tallest hill in the Solan town area of Himachal Pradesh is called "Karol ka Tibba." On our trek, we stop at the Karol Temple, which honors the goddess Kali and is located on Karol Ka Tibba.The well-known Pandava Gufa, or Pandava cave, which is thought to be the longest and oldest cave in the Himalayas, is also traversed by the trekking path.

Baptist Church

The brick and wood Kasauli Baptist Church dates back to 1923 and is located not far from the Sadar Bazzar. The Indian Express claims that it is "regarded as a unique example of colonial architecture of the British era." The interior furnishings of the church were destroyed in a fire that occurred in 2008.A person who practices immersion baptism for Christians and who often adheres to Calvinistic teaching is referred to as a "baptist."

Gurkha fort,Solan

One of Solan's most well-liked historical attractions is the Gurkha Fort. Baghal was a princely state whose capital was Gurkha Fort, sometimes called Arki Fort. In 1815–1816, the Gurkhas occupied the fort. Raja Kishen Chand later restored the fort and added exquisite Pahari murals.

Kali ka Tibba , Chail

Goddess Kali is worshipped at the temple known as Kali ka Tibba. It is situated on the mountain bloom, which bears the Rajmata's Cottage's name. The location offers stunning views of Churdhar Peak and the Shivalik Range that surrounds it. In addition, visitors can enjoy hiking to the temple, where they may see uncommon animal species.


Although Kasauli is well-known, most tourists choose to visit the larger Shimla instead of going to Kasauli. But you should go to Kasauli if you want to see Shimla from the 19th century. Although Kasauli is well-known, most tourists choose to visit the larger Shimla instead of going to Kasauli. But you should go to Kasauli if you want to see Shimla from the 19th century.

Mohan Shakti Heritage Park , Solan

Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park, also known as Dev Bhoomi, is situated in the State of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of almost 4,000 feet above sea level. The Heritage Park is surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Sunset Point , Kasauli

Situated at the end of the upper mall road, Kasauli Sunset Point is a well-known viewpoint. It's a popular tourist destination where visitors can enjoy the sight of a gorgeous evening sunset.

Shirdi Sai Baba , Solan

The residents of Solan and the surrounding hamlets think highly of the temple, which was constructed in 1989. An enormous sculpture of Sai Baba that was purchased from Jaipur is housed within the shrine. The burning light inside this shrine represents Sai Baba of Shirdi's heavenly power.